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After my book Home Studio Mastering was first published in 2013, I wanted to explore the possibility of developing affordable and user friendly mastering software for musicians with a home studio. I came up with an intuitive 7-step workflow, based on my own real-world experience, incorporating all essential mastering tasks. A method that was easy to learn and fast to execute.

In 2014 I founded Noiz-Lab. I teamed up with my old friend and vst-programmer Remco van der Most, and college musician and GUI-designer Pepijn Oldenburg. Together we started to make the 7-step mastering suite a reality, implementing new structures and algorithms and making the most of recent technological developments in digital signal processing. At the same time – with the guidance of my friend and editor Dennis Kruithof - I started writing the accompanying quick-start manual: a detailed yet concise guide to mastering music with the 7-step suite. The goal: making it possible to master your first song within one or two hours after installing the suite. After the last minute help of UK-based programmer Daz Disley, we finished the beta version of the suite (32bit vst2 for PC) in September 2014.

To get Noiz-Lab online and spread the word about our 7-step mastering suite, Tim Zuidgeest and Tom van Bommel from Studio ST&T joined the team. They helped us define what Noiz-Lab stands for as a startup company and build our website. We were ready to go online. After releasing the beta version of the plug-ins and manual early 2015, I started looking for a way to make the mastering suite cross platform and multi-format so the suite could be used in any sequencer or audio editor available. I got in contact with Theo Niessink from the Dutch company Martinic, who enthusiastically agreed to help us develop the official full release. After a very succesfull beta testing period - more than 200 people joined our public beta! - we were ready for our official release the 1st of October 2015!

Currently we have released the following versions of our 7-Step Mastering Suite: VST2 and VST3 for PC, and VST2, VST3, and AU for MAC, 32bit and 64bit. AAX will follow soon. We have also begun making plans for the future. As a company, we want to be more than just a logo and a webshop – rather, we want to become a community for home studio users who are looking for answers about mastering. I hope to build a personal relationship with many of our users to really understand what kind of mastering plug-ins or other related mastering software home studio users need. So, let us know what kind of mastering related problems you encounter, and what kind of tools you need to solve them!

Go to our facebook page to follow our progress: 

We're a small team, and we can use all the support you can give us to help continuing NoizLab



J.D. Young
Founder and mastering engineer


Remco van der Most


Pepijn Oldenburg
Graphic designer


Dennis Kruithof
Chief Editor


Theo Niessink


Tom van Bommel


Tim Zuidgeest


Download your 30-day trial now and start mastering your music today

  • VST2 and VST3 for PC, and AU, VST2 and VST3 for MAC, 32bit and 64bit. (AAX will follow later)

  • Master your music like a pro, with only 7 plug-ins

  • Free quick-start manual

Download the NOIZ-LAB
Mastering Suite Now!

7 plug-ins + quick-start manual (1.8MB)



Download the NOIZ-LAB
Mastering Suite Now!

7 plug-ins + quick-start manual (1.8MB)




User Reviews

“The 7-step mastering suite is a very versatile, nice and easy concept that's highly beneficial for both the pro and beginner sound engineers, it sounds very good on different genres and yields that "expensive" sound of bigger and more professional studios, and given that awesome price it should be in every home studio. We need a AAX version but it will be here soon as advertised on the product homepage. It works!”

Ahmed Samadie
CEO and Founder of NOIZZ Studio (Cairo, Egypt)

“Noiz-lab has succeeded in making something complicated easy. This software proved that to me right away. It also provided me with detailed information in Dutch about how to use it and to set it to my own liking. I had not seen such a clear bundle of tools before at such a nice price.”

Jelle van Buuren
Musician/producer at (Enschede, The Netherlands)

“I am not a professional engineer, I'm just my band's engineer/sound guy. We're a grown-up garage band in Northern Vermont called Thunderbolt Research. We've been learning to record, mix, and master on our own as we go. Speaking as an amateur enthusiast, Thanks!! This is great! You've made "mastering" tangible and accessible. It's hard, as an amateur, to learn what mastering really means. Those who can do it like to act like no one else would ever understand. I found the manual to be extremely informative, possibly the best "how to master" that I've found. The tools all make sense and are easy to use. I'm really excited for my band to record our next tune so I really get into the nitty gritty. Your tools are definitely permanent additions to my tool kit.”

Jaimie Kramer
Thunderbolt Research (Northern Vermont , USA)